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Self Investigation, Self Realisation & Self Purification to be Walking the Noble Path .... PDF Print E-mail

"An Areasted Mind is a Rested Mind"

"Vissuddhi" is the nature of selfpurification. Purification of your moral conduct, your thoughts and your views as to being on the Noble path. A person getting on the Noble "Dhamma" path is sighted, with the way, and the confusion is removed. It is here, that they have the visibility of the fork, as to the Noble path they have seen and the path they have been travelling. Here the self is able to select the right & new Noble path, with the new selec  ted moral conduct & disciplines. A person of such nature has the confidences to identify and agree, that they are now on the right path, with the right moral conduct, right wholesome thoughts and the right view of the adoption of the Nobleness  and eradicating with the suffering.

On this site you will be able to find a lot more information to assist with your wellbeing. The adoption of the information captured, will assist you to investigate yourself in a way that the SELF INVESTIGATION· as to "WHO YOU ARE" and the truth as to "WHY YOU ARE SO".. will be investigated. There are videos taken at discussions while touring Melbourne Australia for your use. There are audio outputs recorded while visiting the Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV) in Melbourne Australia. There are a few articles and attachments for your free use. There are two books (Medicine for the Mind & All in a NUTSHELL) which are two books complied during these visits across the world. You are welcome to download any of these content and use the content appropriately towards your personal development and investigation.

If there are families or children that are keep to participate in the TRAMPS retreat, are invited to write to Bhante Dhammagawesi at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with their justification & worthiness to be selected and invited to participate

Furthermore all of this work has been complied and made available by the friends and families of the “Vissuddhi Trust in Sri Lanka” & the Association of “Vissuddhi Australia” . May the merit of such kind, generousness &·Nobleness, be bestowed upon all of the people involved, who have·supported, assisted with the gathering and collating this information with their Dhamma Dana. May all of you, who use this site be appropriate, adequate, sufficient, satisfied & content with the content.. May all of you who are able to adopt the Dhamma, be able to adapt with the investigation and the environment and be able to adjust around your roles and relationships will have the biggest benefit..



May you have the strength, courage, confidence and effort to lead an eventful wholesome life. May you be appropriate with your etiquette, adequate with your needs, sufficient with your wants, satisfied with your duties and content with your possessions.  May this nature bring much happiness, best of health and peace within you.

With much respect and humbleness

Bikku Dhammagawesi



#4 Anoja Attele 2013-10-28 18:08
Anoja Attele
After listening to Bhante's talks several times (notably 2011 Melbourne morning and afternoon videos)and reading ("All in a Nutshell"), Bhante's often repeated phrase "investigate yourself" is understood.
To begin the process of change, Bhante's critical comments of my unwholesome actions were very helpful.
Bhante guides people to gain complete trust in the Dhamma and move forward in the Path.
Bhante, may you realise Nibbana in this lifetime.
#3 SusIl Ratnayake 2012-05-02 03:22
Absolutely Amazing...Thank you.I was in search this wonderful website for some time. If we believe in something strongly, if we think that we can achieve something, then we will. What we believe will come true.

I have my own website on meditation.Is it ok for me to add a link of yours to that?


#2 Dilini Goonasekera 2011-10-16 17:45
Theruwan saranai Bhante
Thank you for compiling such a comprehensive site which helps me day in and day out to be guided by. May you be well, peaceful and happy.
With much meththa
Avasarai Bhante
#1 Deepika Weerakoon 2011-08-15 08:49
It would be great to know when and where was this amazing picture with the astral bodies taken? With metta Deepika